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A traditional bio

Milwaukee singer Kat Auburn spent most of her life hiding her voice, but recently decided to let the world listen. Kat’s vocals have been described as soulful, velvety, and evocative, likened to a sweet mix between Adele and Norah Jones. Her lyrics explore vulnerability and the process of discovering love, confidence, and dignity within life’s journey. Kat released her debut album, entitled Soul Composed, in February of 2021.

Big thanks to all who contributed to the creation of Kat’s debut album, including: Matt Spransy on keys, Dan Wenzel on drums and saxophone, Jon Eleyut on electric guitar, Tim Spransy on electric and acoustic guitar, Joe Steinke on acoustic guitar, Alycia Betz, Lindsay Guerra, and Karen Haskell on backup vocals, Thea Vorass on cello, Chad Sanders on trumpet, and Kevin Gostomski on trombone. Soul Composed was arranged, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Matt Spransy, a Spasm Tyrant production.

A Fairly Daring bio

This music thing took Kat Auburn by surprise.
Because she spent most of her life trying to hide her voice, she became suspicious when her karaoke friends (after picking their jaws up from the floor) insisted that she was a great vocalist. Her friends believed in her so much, that not long after she named her desire to learn piano, they gifted her with one.
Even her high school students would ask her to sing in class. She was honored by these requests, but shrugged them off as a symptom of Midwestern nice.
But it kept happening.
When attending a creative arts conference in Chicago, Kat had the opportunity to sing for a panel of judges. Having just written her very first song, it seemed too good an opportunity to pass up. After her performance, one judge asked, “Would you like to sing on my TV show?” Kat agreed and made the appearance about a month later.
One summer evening, Kat got lost searching for a certain swanky bar in downtown Milwaukee, and asked a group of strangers for directions. As fate would have it, these strangers were the jazz band on break from the very bar for which she was searching. On a whim, she asked if they needed a singer, and they readily took her up on the offer. They were so impressed with her singing, they asked if she would be interested in a summer residency.
All of this was a bit bewildering to Kat, so she decided to give it a go and put word out that she was looking for a producer. After a truly serendipitous connection, work began on her debut EP, entitled Soul Composed, which was recorded in a restored Victorian Mansion in the Lake Country of Wisconsin a truly fitting setting for such deeply textured music. Several local players stepped up to assist and were astonished at her songwriting and singing.
Kat’s voice. It is singularly unique. It makes listeners feel like they have discovered a pearl of great price. Soulful, authentic, warm, evocative but unpretentious. It is like a vintage wine to the ears.
Savor it.



Your voice is amazing, very effortless and natural sounding!  -Erik Kjelland, The Mascot Theory

She’s developed an elegant sound blending soul, pop, and rock which accompanies her poignant songwriting. Auburn’s music is a meeting point for oldies charm and modern fusion. -Ben Slowey, Breaking And Entering

The once-shy singer takes a bold risk, singing the Etta James classic “At Last” on the opening track. Not only does she do the song justice with her soulful voice, but through an imaginative arrangement — multiple vocal loops at the start evoke a rich choir — Auburn manages to make a classic all her own, with the EP’s other five songs holding up against it. -Piet Levy, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


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